Some examples of our clients, along with some feedback.

In all, we’ve worked with 25 churches and 10 non-profits.

Art /Rhetor makes church communication easy. Don’t have the money for a full-time person, but know that you need communication support? Look no further.

James Lepine, Former Director of Operations

Communication and Graphics are an important part of helping us share the Gospel. Art /Rhetor has partnered with us in mission and in our communication needs. They are professional, creative and clearly communicate our brand. We love working with them!

Sonya Hommes, Communications Manager

Allowing a company to take control of something as particular and unique as your brand takes a lot of trust. Art /Rhetor gains that trust quickly with their great communication skills and energetic passion for your project. I know that my website and brand are in the best hands because Art /Rhetor wants my business to succeed and speak excellence to everyone that visits my site.

Bailey T. Hurley, Author

Art /Rhetor’s level of quality and consistency is unbelievable. The intangibles enjoyed by working with them could not be expressed in a contract.

Corbin Hobbs, Pastor

They are professional in every sense of the word, but personable as a good friend. Their processes and products are above the normative standard and their customer service is exactly what any business wants. We are very thankful for Art /Rhetor and the way they’ve helped our organization move forward!

Jonathan Hunt, Pastor