At our most fundamental level, Art /Rhetor is church communication as a service. Whether a managed, every-week service or service on an a-la-carte, as-needed basis, working closely with individual churches is the core of what we do (although we’re excited to be selling pre-designed church communication goods too).

To the church communication professional, this looks like an engaged, real-life communication team to permanently or temporarily outsource tasks to. To the church with no communication staff, we’re a solution for taking a step forward in this area without hiring or adding new tasks to current staff members; from a temporary, stopgap solution to an every-week, take-the-lead team responsible for everything seen or read.

While “everything seen or read” is a great summary of our services bouquet, here’s some deeper detail in two genres:



(Re)developing Communication Platforms

These are things like websites, bulletins, apps, and eNewsletters. Things seen and read. We can refresh and improve platforms you already use or build them all-new.


We believe that your website is the “front door” of your church. People’s data-retrieval attention spans are short, so we put effectiveness and efficiency at the top of our list. Art /Rhetor church websites are simple, clean, and elegant, focusing on online giving, events, sermons, and church identity.

Apps & Giving Platforms

For every one of your congregants who donates with a check in the offering plate, you probably have six who don’t own a checkbook. You need a mobile platform that takes 10 seconds or less to complete a donation (really). A good church app can also send alert notifications and make event registrations a breeze. We’re experts with app-supported services like Church Community Builder (CCB) and Pushpay that do all of this.


One of our biggest passions at Art /Rhetor is branding and church identity. Whether you’re a brand new church plant who needs a logo or a church with an old logo that really needs to go, we’d love to help you curate your unique brand.


An eNewsletter shows up on people’s phones in the middle of the week with things like registration links for upcoming events, a preview of Sunday’s message, and other annoucements. eNewsletters are a great way to leverage the digital connectivity of our world to help people stay involved in the life of the church.


Art /Rhetor bulletins and worship guides are a lot like our websites. Effective, efficient, and beautiful. We also want to optimize them to be something you can print in-house, saving money.

Publication Templates

While we have a whole online store here for publication templates, we know there may not be one collection that’s perfect for you (or you may not want one that other churches are potentially using). We’d be pumped to make a complete collection of custom publication templates for you (or even just a couple sizes!).


Monthly Communication Service Packages

Whether or not we created your communication platforms, you can use Art /Rhetor to outsource things like weekly bulletin production, making announcement slides, updating sermons and events on the website, designing printed materials, and the creation artworks.

Website Administration

With every event, sermon, small group, and more always current, we keep your website both up-to-date and functioning at its highest potential. We’ll make 90% of your updates without you needing to do anything. The other 10% just requires a quick email.

Event Graphics

Unique, custom event artwork geared toward the event’s specific demographic. Our heart is to do more than present a date and time along with some color, we want to make an argument about why that event is even happening. If you’ve put the time into planning an executing it, we can help folks understand why it’s important. Click here for the latest examples of our event artwork.

Sermon Series Graphics

Rhetorical, series-specific artwork designed to engage the heart of your community with the presented Word. A simple illustration can help familiarize your congregation with the truths you’re presenting long before they sit down to listen. Click here for the latest examples of our sermon series artwork.

Bulletin Production

Having an accurate bulletin that’s completely consistent with everything else seen or read can take someone on a church staff several hours each week. Having it look great, display artwork well, and be useful even after it’s taken home requires more effort still. We want to make this so easy for your team—you’ll just need to send us one quick email a week to see your formatted, proofread, print-ready file show up done when you want it.

Announcement Slide Production

Answer questions preemptively, drive regisrations/RSVPs, and keep important things in front of people with undistracting, beautiful announcement slides. These can cycle before/after service, appear on-screen when the annoucments are presented each Sunday, and even cycle on TVs in your hallway or lobby. Why is it important to do this well? People have to hear about and see events and announcements several times before internalizing them. Slides help people see each announcement 2–3 more times per Sunday. This service also includes the preparation of slides for sermon series artwork and sermon content.

Social Media Strategy and Images

While we won’t directly manage your accounts for you (our engagement with your community is never going to be as authentic as yours, we don’t know what’s going on in Chad’s life), we’re all about equipping you to make the most of these critical platforms. This starts with producing correctly-sized graphics for you, but can extend all the way to writing policy and creating an automatically-generated calendar on your phone for when and what to post (before engaging with Chad about it).

Read a little more abuot this under Will you manage our Facebook? on the FAQs page.

eNewsletter Production

It can take several hours a week to layout, format, and proofread an effective eNewsletter—in addition to managing its email list. Think about creating small images that display the artwork well, having the content resize and shuffle itself to optimize for reading on a phone, reporting data so that you know whose reading it, etc. You’ll just need to send us one email a week for that to go out on its own, look great, and accomplish its work of driving event registrations and keeping people in the loop on the life of the church.

Independent Publications

This is anything printed or displayed that doesn’t show up in one of your other communication platforms. Think of event postcards, posters, Facebook ads, etc.

Copywriting and Editing

It’s challenging to say everything really clearly, yet in a compelling, concise way. It’s also difficult to communicate with a consistent voice, especially if you have more than one person writing on behalf of your church. We make this a lot easier. Send us a few bullet points that need converted into polished “copy” and we’ll have that right back to you, uniform, proofread, and ready to publish.

Talent Concierge

We’re very proud of our deeply-connected creative community and we love working with a plurality of designers, artists, photographers and developers. This makes our work dynamic and diverse. When you need something else to make your project incredible, we contact our network, send you samples, get you quotes, make our recommendations, and take care of the rest once you’re sold on a supporting artist.

Want to learn more about any of the above? Contact us to get a quote based on your church’s needs.