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Sara and JD Raab started Art /Rhetor together in 2016 before adding Howie in 2018.

Sara Raab


JD Raab


Howie Raab

Junior Designer

In 2016, we tried out an idea for church communication: could people outsource this stuff, save money, get great work, and create more time for their staffs? In the following four years, we’ve seen that yes, church communication can work great as a managed service, and for basically any size of church. Why is that?

I (JD) had worked for a few churches since college, balancing part-time, full-time, and contract gigs at churches of various sizes. At one church, the staff of six shared 300 square feet of rented office space. At another, the staff of 300 shared a building so large that there was a literal quarter-mile of hallway from my youth-group office to the other offices. Finding complex, experiential love for each expression of the Church, each unique context helped cultivate an enthusiastic professionalism paired with sober realism. The enduring questions still seem to be “What’s important?” and “Why?”

For example, it’s an interesting balance that a global community rooted in the ancient oracles of God in Scripture needs to know what resolution to use on the projector so it stops looking squished when we put the ancient oracles of God on the screen. How He continues to use the weak things of this world! Additionally, the God who made comets and giraffes and baby smiles shouldn’t be worshiped or represented to the world with half-hearted, emotionless design from His image-bearers, but then He’s also not dependent on any human work to proclaim His worthiness. What should our heart be around this stuff? I mean we don’t know, but it’s our discipline; an awesome, funny discipline.

The mission of Art /Rhetor is to empower the local church with effective, efficient communication platforms of artistic and rhetorical excellence, allowing church staffs—better equipped—to focus on the Gospel being preached.

We’re a small team of Biblically-driven, artistically-minded, rhetorically-trained church kids who love to think and work through this stuff. Whether you need an opinion on a logo (we consult for free), some design templates for an upcoming event (check it ouuuut), or you’re ready to outsource some of your weekly stuff to a questionably enthusiastic communication team that’s be on-hand going forward, we hope you’ll try working with us (or at least ask us what that’s like).