01. What is Art /Rhetor?


Art /Rhetor is JD and Sara Raab (plus friends)

Born and raised in the church, we became communication professionals, were wed in 2014, and started Art /Rhetor in 2016 to support the local church by doing what we love: Sara does strategy and systems; JD does design and development. In 2017, we added a small network of rad designer friends whom we outsource some of our artwork to.

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A big-picture-seeing, solution-finding, efficiency-creating Texan who also makes wonderful food and music.

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An everything-inspired, always-learning, message-crafting native Denverite who also loves drumming and drinking coffee.


Art /Rhetor is Church Communications as a Monthly Service

We empower the local church with effective, efficient communication platforms of artistic and rhetorical excellence, allowing church staffs—better equipped—to focus more fully on the Gospel being preached.[toggle title=”What if I’m not a church but still need communications support?” state=””]We do lots of work for businesses and non-profits! Our packages and prices are all exactly the same for you, the only difference is how we’ll tailor your platforms and support. Skip to 03. to learn more.[/toggle]


02. Why should you care?

The Church is Artistic and Rhetorical

While a great deal of your church’s theological formation happens from the pulpit, truly everything that is seen or read on behalf of your church speaks a Christological sermon—a message on who Jesus is and what He’s like. To people outside of your community, even your simplest communication may be a first-time Gospel interaction. Within your community, even the most mundane of messages help weave the fabric of identity that is not quickly re-woven. For better or worse, your collective messages are always doing artistic and rhetorical work: painting a picture and making an argument. It’s a lofty-sounding principal, but if you’re a pastor or church staff member, you know exactly how this looks practically:

“Tonight we’re just trying to communicate to parents that youth group is cancelled because it snowed a ton.” Or, “We have to get people to actually RSVP when they’re coming to an event because right now we’re never prepared.” Or even, “If we want to end this year in an okay place financially, we have to help people respond to commands in Scripture about giving generously.” Is this kind of communication artistic and rhetorical? Yes. Can the artistic and rhetorical nature of all our day-to-day communication be leveraged persistently to preach the Gospel? Yes.

Whether you seldom think of church communication in this light or you think about it all the time and it stresses you out, we want to be a solution for you.


03. How do we do this?


Developing communication platforms.

These are things like websites, bulletins, apps, and eNewsletters. Anything your people can see or read. We can refresh and improve any of these platforms you already use, or build them all-new for you.


Monthly communication service packages.

Whether or not we created your communication platforms, you can outsource things to us like the weekly production of your bulletin, announcement slides, website management, printed materials, and the creation of event and sermon series artworks.


04. Who are we working with?


05. What have they thought?

Sonya Hommes

Communication Manager, Eastern Hills Community Church

Communication and Graphics are an important part of helping us share the Gospel. Art /Rhetor has partnered with us in mission and in our communication needs. They are professional, creative and clearly communicate our brand. We love working with them!

James Lepine

Director of Operations, Park Church

Art /Rhetor makes church communication easy. Don’t have the money for a full-time person, but know that you need communication support? Look no further.

Jonathan Hunt

Pastor, The Heights Church

Art /Rhetor’s level of quality and consistency is unbelievable. The intangibles enjoyed by working with them could not be expressed in a contract.

Corbin Hobbs

Pastor, The Heights Church

They are professional in every sense of the word, but personable as a good friend. Their processes and products are above the normative standard and their customer service is exactly what any business wants. We are very thankful for Art /Rhetor and the way they’ve helped our organization move forward!

Bailey T. Hurley


Allowing a company to take control of something as particular and unique as your brand takes a lot of trust. Art /Rhetor gains that trust quickly with their great communication skills and energetic passion for your project. I know that my website and brand are in the best hands because Art /Rhetor wants my business to succeed and speak excellence to everyone that visits my site.


06. Can we show you more?