JD Raab

JD Raab

Multidisciplinary art dad. Lives in Denver with wife Sara and sons Howie, Harvey, and Walt (demands to be called “Bobby”).

Current Roles

  • Director of Communication & Art: Park Church (2020–Present)
  • Church Communication Consultant, Artist, Co-Founder: Art /Rhetor (2016–Present)
  • Hobbyist Musician, Hymnwriter, & Songwriter (2000?–Present)

Work/Play Highlights

  • Participating in the life of Park Church over the last decade through serving, working, and filling kids’ classrooms with my cute, loud boys
  • Working with Sara to do consulting, art directing, branding, and more communication stuff for over 25 churches and 10 non-profits since 2016
  • Lyrical additions to hymns for congregational use (more on that below)