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If you chose a publication that incorporates a photo, our default plan is to nerd out and choose a thematically-helpful photo for you for free. You’ll get a proof, and if you hate it, we’ll try again. If this is what you want, skip to adding your logo.

Alternatively, you can upload a custom photo below. Your photo must be hi-resolution and you must have the rights to use it. The fee is not a quick “upcharge” for us—To make your photo look great, we’ll rework as much of the template as we need to.

(max file size 100 MB)

Default is 1920x1080px for slides and 1080x1080px for Instagram.


A 1080x1080px Instagram image for promoting a single announcement, campaign, or event.

1080x1080px is the current max size for a square image on Instagram.

About Collection Eight:

Somewhere between a sunset horizon and the concrete jungle, Collection Eight uses modern and classic serif fonts over rough stone textures with faded but vivid colors. The illustration is that, though uneven and often scuffed-up, the Church is nonetheless firm and bright when established on the Rock that is Christ.