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Matthew Study Journals


Over the last several years, each longer sermon series at Park Church has been accompanied by a study notebook. These have been thick, spiral-bound publications that serve individuals, small groups, and Sunday note-takers. Though we’ve designed, edited, and printed each of these projects for Park Church, the effort by the Park Church team to write that much material in the first place is kind of terrifying. Nonetheless, people are inseparable from their notebooks even late into each series, so the work keeps paying off.

At the end of 2019 before Park began a long series in the book of Matthew, their team was inspired by the REAP Journals from the good folks at the Austin Stone Institute. These things are trim, beautiful, and simple, and provided a much better vision for the Matthew study materials at Park Church. They became Study Journals.

We set out with that dream and worked alongside our friends at YellowDog Printing here in Denver to make it possible. After a ton of conversation, paper sampling, metallic ink troubleshooting, etc., it all came into focus, and we’re so, so happy with these.

The crown artwork is from the amazing Lane Geurkink pieces we directed with her for the greater Matthew series.