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Lacuna Coffee Co.

Branding • Eastern Hills Community Church • August 2016

Eastern Hills is building a coffee shop into some underutilized space in their lobby. The term “Lacuna” loosely means “a gap or margin in a text or narrative.” They wanted to create a space that was (a) a physical “margin” in their building for interactions that wouldn’t normally be easy in a church space, and (b) a gap in the narrative of a person’s day—a place for rest and a conversation.

We’re excited to see the place when it’s completed, and were thrilled to be a part of the process by doing the branding. Rest and relaxation was an important thing to the Eastern Hills team as we put this together. We feel that Regina Black, this masterpiece of a font by Charles & Thorne, really helped made that happen. The gap between the overlap of the “u” and “n” create a margin within the type itself. Two letters that wouldn’t normally overlap merge in the same place and create a gap, not unlike two people making time for themselves to converse over a cup of coffee during the week.

— We’ll be adding more photos here as the rest of the project begins. —