Posted on 2019

WEBSITE • Bailey T. Hurley • June 2019

When we started Art /Rhetor a handful of years ago, one of our first opportunities was to build a custom WordPress site for Bailey T. Hurley. Bailey is one of our best friends, and she writes on Biblical Friendship for Christian Women. We’ve had the joy of growing alongside her as her design team for project after project, and in four years, we’ve seen her brand grow to a crazy degree of influence through her hard work.

85 features/interviews, a book deal, and 10K Instagram followers later, it was time for a new site. The research, wireframing , and development was an arduous and fun process, the photography and graphical elements came together, and what we wound up with is a really unique approach to a block-by-block website. We built mobile-first and optimized for tons of quick clicks on the many random places a user could enter the site. We learned a lot, and are really proud with what has become a major brand refresh for Bailey.

The site includes a gigantic blog, a sortable list of every feature and publication, a calendar of speaking events, and an online store with lots of Shopify optimization.

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