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Life Together

Sermon Series Artwork • Fellowship Denver Church • August 2018

Fellowship Denver is working through Romans 12 this August, exploring what a life of service informed by the Gospel looks like. In all their artwork, Fellowship has a unique, simple-geometric style that we love. Starting from that inspiration, we were shooting to communicate the link between the historic church and the modern church, almost to say, “This life of Gospel-service has always been who we are.”

The top hand symbolizes the historic church (in a first-century robe), while the bottom hand symbolizes the modern church (see the Apple Watch? If that’s too extra, try to just see a normal watch). The triangles around the outside of the work can symbolize two things: (1) the individual pieces that fit together in seemingly-random ways to make the whole (Rom. 12:4–5), and (2) a service informed by the Trinitarian God, whose three members eternally serve each other.

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