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Sermon Series Artwork • Park Church • September 2018

Oil painting and illustration by Benjamin Rogers.

One of our largest and most involved projects this summer was directing artwork for Ephesians at Park Church. We commissioned the incredible Benjamin Rogers to create an original piece for the series, and within the piece he placed several diversely-illustrated arguments from the Scripture. There’s too much of interest to share here—please see the artwork essay at to learn about all the goodness here!

On our end, we took photos of his artwork and created two 3×15′ banners and five 3×3′ wooden panels for the stage at Park Church, in addition to creating the logotype.

The complete, original painting and illustration

The five 3×3′ wooden panel prints

The two 3×15′ banners

The complete Park Church stage from the balcony, including the “Ephesians” logotype